In the past 3-weeks FPNetwork affiliates have earned over $1.1 million in affiliate commissions.

These guys are promoters who are looking for more offers.

We’re pushing 500 affiliates in the network and climbing every day.

If you’re a publisher who lists your products in the network, then you’re invited to join a FREE Affiliate Manager Workshop on The Financial Marketing Summit in Orlando in March.

Why? Because smart publishers treat their affiliates as another customer channel.

In other words, they think in terms of affiliate acquisition, lifetime value, contact strategies, and promotional ideas.

Those publishers make literal millions in sales from their affiliates.

Think of it as a people-based media channel.

Jami Stout has been the leading affiliate manager for years because she’s mastered the art of affiliate recruitment and management.

Jami has the selling power on a product launch of $100+ million publisher.

What do I mean by that?

Simple: On every launch she has acted as affiliate manager with one of the large Agora publishers we’ve seen affiliates drive 1/3rd of the launch sales.

So, if it the launch sold $3 million about $1 million came from her affiliates.

If the launch sold $30 million then affiliates were responsible for about $10 million.

That’s promotional power

The only other groups that can match here are literally $100+ million newsletter publishers.

I’ve watched her do it over and over and over again.

She’s a beast.

Now, for the first time, she will train your affiliate manager.

Not just show you some tips or tricks.

But train.

She is hosting an affiliate manager training workshop
at the Financial Marketing Summit in Orlando this year.

To qualify you just need to be a publisher who lists your offers in FPNetwork.

She will train you, or your affiliate manager, on her methods and strategies to find and recruit financial affiliates.

She will show you how to increase the value of existing affiliates.

And while you’re at the Financial Marketing Summit, you’ll meet quite a few super-affiliates.

Marketers who can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars – even millions – of your products.

If you’re not a member of FPnetwork yet, then go here to register.

It’s free for affiliates looking to promote offers.

And there are several options for publishers looking to promote one or more products.