These guys are on track to break $100 million in sales.

They are NOT an Agora business.

They DO NOT have great copywriters… or really any copywriters (yet).

Affiliate sales are less than 2% of their business.

They didn’t have massive funding when they started.

But they’ve doubled their sales every year for 5 years straight.

This is one of the most important stories in our industry in the last several years.

It’s important because this is a bootstrapped trader education company about to break $100 million doing things differently than just about every other major pub.

  1. If you’re not an Agora company then you don’t have the funding, affiliate opportunities, staffing opportunities, and more to scale quickly. So, what these guys did to bootstrap their company is extremely relevant to you.
  2. Finding good copywriters is one of the biggest limiting factors on every publishers’ growth – but these guys are scaling up without them.
  3. Their media buying approach does two things: generates large amounts of customers AND keeps them better aware of policy issues that could killer their ads. (They do this better than any of the largest pubs I’ve seen).

That’s why I asked them to come share what they’re doing at the Financial Marketing Summit in Orlando in March.

They have attended the Financial Marketing Summit for years (last year we lost one of them for half a day because he had to run out and buy a Ferrari).

And they’ve been members of our private mastermind, The FinPub Accelerator since the beginning.

If you’re a publisher looking to scale – or a sell media and want your clients to be able to profitable increase their budgets – this will be a critical presentation.

Over the past two years I’ve watched a couple of companies explode in sales.

While other companies, with very smart marketers and publishers, have remained stagnant.

Jami & I have been in deep discussions with each of the companies who were growing fastest – not hard since all of the fastest growing pubs are members of our private mastermind group (coincidence?)

And we realized the companies that were scaling were basically doing the same thing.

It has nothing to do with marketing funnels, or finding new copywriters, or anything like that.

Instead, they switched to a focus on core fundamentals.

Core fundamentals across each of their customer contact points.

I believe these core fundamentals need to be more widely spread in our industry.

Because they truth is: most small publishers (Anyone $25-million and under) seem completely unaware of them.

But every publisher I’ve seen implement them created explosive growth almost immediately.

And so we’ve decided to do something totally new this year at FMS.

First, we’re bringing the companies who are growing the fastest to show you what they are doing.

Like the company I’ve mentioned above.

But right now, we’re still in our early bird phase of The Summit. You can get your discounted registration today – just go here.

I’m going to be making a major announcement soon about FMS 2020.

You’ll be VERY surprised to see what we’ve put together for you.

Nothing like this has ever been done before – not even at the Summit.

And I really believe it will be the most valuable thing we’ve ever done.

Which is saying something considering how many businesses have started at our event.

But for now, I urge you to get your early bird registration now.

John Newtson