2024 Speakers

Financial publishing and media are both in a state of disruption and disrupting other financial industries.

This is one of the most exciting times to be in the industry.

This year we’re excited to bring you publishers, marketers, and CEOs from all sides of this disruption.

We’re keeping the FMS community on the cutting edge of the transformation of finpub & fintech.

-John Newtson

Some of our past speakers

A "who's Who" of the industry

Morgan Busby, CEO Financial Media Corp
Aaron Dehoog, Publisher Banyan Hill Publishing
Porter Stansberry, founder of MarketWise
Eric Johnson, co-founder at LeadMark
Jarrod Glandt, President, Cardone Enterprises
Marin Svorinic, Marketing Director, Katusa Research
James Altucher, Founder at Choose Yourself Media
Tim Sykes, trader educator, founder Profit.ly
Ian Rosen, Tifin
Rebecca Kacaba, CEO & Co-Founder, Dealmaker.Tech
Angel Suarez, A-List Financial Copywriter
Bret Holmes, Finpub legend.
Megan Grier, Interactive offers
Mike Ward, publisher & founder Money Map Press
Joel Skretvedt, co-founder LeadMark
Damon Wright, Head of Advertising &e-Commerce practice at Gordon Rees
Addison Wiggin, founder Agora Financial
Charles Flagle, founder at Traffic Grid
Raoul Pal, co-founder RealVision
Jason Pell, CTO at Agora
Fernando Cruz, publisher at Legacy Research
Darlene March, President March Media Relations
Ty Hoffer, Founder & CEO, Winning.Media
Chris Daigle, business growth expert
Michael Pizzo, COO at Agora Financial
Conor Lynch, publisher at WealthPress
Wes Anderson, head of media buying at Angel Publishing
Grant Frasier, founder Digitonic
Michael Hearne, founder at Uncensored Crypto & docuseries producer
Rob Hoffman, founder at Wealth365, Wealthcharts.com, and BecomeaBetterTrader.com