Jami & I have been in deep negotiations with the founder of a private equity firm for the past three months.

This firm owns a variety of firms – some you definitely know, many you don’t.

Hidden inside his network of companies was one the biggest untapped assets I’ve ever come across.

It is one of the largest affiliate networks on the planet.

How big?

At any given time, this network of affiliates is running 300+ MILLION ACTIVE AFFILIATE CAMPAIGNS.

They generate OVER 15 BILLION CLICKS per year.

Resulting in OVER 1 BILLION CONVERSIONS per year.

Over a billion conversions. That’s over 2.7 million conversions per day. 

But no one knows this network exists.  

Before now there was no centralized place you could connect with them.

(No, this is not FPnetwork. Jami and I are no longer associated with that. See note below)

No one markets directly to this massive universe of super affiliates.

There was no way to advertise, market to, or even reach out to connect with this group…

… even if you DID know they existed.

Which no one does.

They are a Dark Pool. Hidden from sight, a previously uncontactable network of the biggest, most active affiliates on the internet.

And even the affiliates inside this network don’t know each other exist.

It’s a totally blind network.

All run through one central, seemingly innocuous hub owned by a private equity firm.

Jami & I have partnered with this firm and created a new company.

Our mission? To bring this dark pool network to light. To create a marketplace to connect offers and affiliates.

To give publishers like you direct access to the affiliates driving 15 billion clicks a year.

We can see everything – who is promoting what, what offers are converting, all of it.

We will be announcing the launch very soon – you’ll be the first to know when this is live.

Because everyone registered for the Financial Marketing Summit is going to get access to this network FOR FREE.

The Pandemic forced us to postpone FMS. We’d hoped we could do it this fall.

But that’s off the table now. It would be irresponsible of us to ask anyone to come fly to Florida in September.

So, we’re postponing the 2020 FMS event until 2021 – and taking massive action to deliver new value to you.

For starters.

  1.   Your existing FMS registration is moved to the 2021 event. We’re getting dates but we will be doing a couple of things – livestreaming the event AND holding it a little later.

  2.   This September we’re also hosting a new virtual summit – all FMS ticket holders will get it FOR FREE. I’ll send full details shortly.

This new virtual conference is focused on the biggest business opportunity facing financial publishers and media networks right now.

It’s massive, un-talked about, and a trend I believe will grow multiple companies that will dwarf the Agora network of companies in size.

Watch your email for details. It deserves a bigger conversation than I can do in this email.

  1.   When we bring this new dark pool affiliate network online in the next two months ALL FMS Attendees will get access for FREE. You can feature your offers FOR FREE to one of the biggest affiliate networks on the planet.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT FPNETWORK.. Jami & I are no longer associated with FPNETWORK and have not been for several months. We wish them well, but we had very different visions about how to help affiliates and publishers grow their businesses.

I’ll get you the new FMS dates in 2021 as soon as we have them.

And I’m putting together information on our virtual event for you now. It’s going to be in September and I’ll send you info in the next week or so.