Our financial publishing & direct response financial marketing & media industries are at the heart of multiple transformations & disruptions happening throughout financial services.

In my keynote presentation at the Financial Marketing Summit 2021, I start to lay out just some of the bigger trends and opportunities we’re seeing as the finpub industry intersects with broader financial services segments.

Here is a video table of contents of The New Forces in Financial Publishing to make it easier to navigate as well. 

2:09 Rise of the Retail Investor

4:00 The generational shift and Millennials, the largest generation in history has not even entered their prime investing years.

5:04 The subscription industry is exploding.

12:04 How and why we merged the trader education & investment newsletter industries.

14:30 How did it play out? The 1st prediction I made in the first presentation at the first FMS back in 2015 & the industry changes we’ve seen since then.

17:54 The industries merging with finpub will create 1000X opportunities

18:30 What is the financial publishing industry’s highest value skill?

19:15 A $500 million AUM “side hustle”.

20:37 What is your list or traffic worth?

21:14 Share of subscription revenue vs Share of Capital

22:11 Your guru’s role in your customers’ financial life.

23:07 The finpub monetization model.

25:15 The next phase of industry competition.

26:57 The changing face of capital raise

28:42 The role of newsletters in Reg A & CF raises

30:00 Standard Cap Raise Commission Models are under threat.

30:29 Marin Katusa, the innovator of the private placement and his impact on capital raise (Side note: Since recording he’s set yet another record with a $224+ million raise for a carbon streaming company).

32:35 Publishers are building billion-dollar exits for other people’s platforms.

35:37 Venture Capital is starting to compete in the same marketing channels as investment newsletters

36:11 The retail investor’s impact on public market capital raise.

38:56 How capital markets stakeholders view the finpub industry

40:31  The Rise of Institutional influencers & media

41:51 Sovereign wealth funds are guru-following.

43:41 Influencing billions in bitcoin market cap

45:10 Venture Capital Influencers: Building deal flow & raising capital

46:32 All biz dev functions related to capital raise & generating deal flow will leverage media & publishing models.

47:40 Finpub SPACs, Exits, M&A & strategic alliances,

49:00 The largest exits will be on media & publishing models merged with fintech business models.

50:27 The big money is coming to finpub.

The financial publishing industry is changing.

The financial services industry is changing.

Jami & I are focused on leading the conversations we all need to have about how we, as an industry, are going to capitalize on these disruptions.

There’s a lot of room for all of us to grow – and a lot of room for uninformed marketers & entrepreneurs to make major regulatory mistakes.

Join the discussions we’re having. Feel free to reach out to me (seriously, if these ideas engage you let’s talk).  If we haven’t met yet, connect with me here on LinkedIn.

John Newtson

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