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The #1

Networking & Marketing Conference for

Financial Marketers
2023 dates TBA

The #1

Networking & Marketing Conference for

Financial Marketers

I’m ready to buy a million dollars a month of media

If we can make a deal right now.

They were sitting at the bar after the day’s presentations were over. He sold financial traffic. She bought traffic to sell investment newsletters. They were cutting a deal with the potential to transform both their businesses in the next 12-months. And it was just the first day of the Financial Marketing Summit. 

Another publisher pulled me aside to tell me, “I just wanted to thank you because just one of the introductions you made for me last year made me an extra $500,000.” Not twenty minutes later someone else came up to thank me for hosting the Summit because, “Every time I come to the Financial Marketing Summit my life changes for the better.”

Every single year at The Financial Marketing Summit…

Financial Media Buyers Discover new sources of traffic to grow their business…

Publishers find new veteran copywriters to bring on board to create strong sales promotions…

Entrepreneurs strike million and multi million-dollar joint ventures…

People get clients, find new superstar talent to hire, get jobs, and pave the way for the next business year to be the best one yet.

Why because when…

… the guy in front of you grabbing coffee runs a website getting nearly 3-million unique views from investors a month – and is looking for affiliate offers, email swap partners, and more.

… and the woman two seats to your left controls a $4 million ad budget and is hungry for new traffic sources…

… while the gentleman on your right is a copywriter who has written multiple $10+ million promotions for financial newsletters and is looking for his next opportunity…

… and you share a bagel with the managing director of a $200 million company who is here to find a variety of joint venture opportunities…

… it’s hard NOT to find some of the best new business and career opportunities in financial marketing.

This is a perfect example of the single most common comment we get from attendees is

“I did more biz dev in 2 days than I did in all of last year.”

What attendees are saying

“In addition to this the room is packed with business owners and other very accomplished people. I met over 20 people i will be either buying media from, selling media to and possibly partnering with on future deals.“I’ve never been to anything like this before – where the top people in the industry who are spending millions to test various techniques and strategies reveal exactly what works and what doesn’t.

“This is a must attend event for anyone in the financial publishing industry.”


“All I can say is that being part of John’s network has helped our business tremendously. He has made several introductions that have turned out to be fantastic for our business. My recommendation is for all small business owners in the industry to work with John and become part of what he has built. It is impossible to lose.”

Publisher / Founder

You’ll find a host of 7 and 8 and even some 9 figure

Entrepreneurs, Media Buyers, Copywriters, Marketers

and more…

I was looking for deals…my hopes and expectations were dramatically exceeded.
This event already paid for itself many times over.

Brien Lundin

The New Orleans Investment Conference

We engineered the Financial Marketing Summit to create a flow of opportunities & practical information for financial marketers.

You’ll meet the owners and managing directors of virtually every ad network in financial today. The founders of many of the ‘household” name companies in both trader education and investment publishing. And several financial copywriters who’ve sold $10 million (or more!) from a SINGLE PROMOTION. Affiliate marketers who’ve sold over $100,000,000 of other people’s products.

Many of the biggest media buyers in the space.

The marketing teams from nearly every investment financial publisher who’ve crossed the $100 million mark. Managing directors of $200+ million investment publishers.

And you’ll meet business buyers and investors willing to pay millions to acquire a proven publishing or trader education business.

And the top affiliate managers in the financial space – people who’ve built large affiliate networks capable of selling tens of millions of dollars of product.

Owners & managing directors of every major performance based financial media network out there today.

Marketing agency owners who’ve sold over $100,000,000 of products and services for their clients. And with the talent, skills, and experience that built a business from $0 to $40 million in gross sales in under 2-years.

Financial marketing consultants who’ve helped build $5 million and $10 million trader education businesses in a matter of months.

The Head of Operations of hundred-million-dollar investment newsletter companies.

Owners of many of the most trafficked websites in financial today.

Heads of business development for various $100+ million companies.

On and on it goes.

Fintech Entrepreneurs, Financial Publishers, Trader Educators, Affiliates, Marketers, Media, Brokers, and nearly the entire ecosystem of financial direct response marketers.

And you’ll meet marketers from all sides of the affiliate marketing universe in financial.


The Top Financial Affiliate Marketers in Financial.
We’ve had individual affiliates responsible for $100 million in affiliate sales… affiliates who’ve sold $250,000 in trading service products from a single email… and more.


Top Affiliate Managers — the Super Connectors in financial.
A great affiliate manager can connect your business with dozens of big affiliates willing to promote your product and services.


Financial publishers & trader educators looking for mutual affiliate relationships.
You’ll meet dozens of publishers & trader educators who are always look for great affiliate partners.

Get cutting edge marketing insights about

What’s Working now in the Financial Industry

Past presentations include…


Welcome Evening

June 13th

Welcoming Night
Networking Hour & Cocktails

Day 1

June 14th

Breakfast , Talks , Networking
Talks, Speed Networking Session
Networking & Drinks

Day 2

June 15th

Breakfast , Talks , Networking
Networking & Talks
Networking & Drinks

Join the movers & shakers in Financial Marketing,
publishing, and trader
education this year at

The financial marketing summit!

“I have gone to many conferences and often times I’m skeptical of if they are worth the price of admission and hassle of travel. This one paid for itself in the first presentation. You simply can’t get this kind of insight about what is actually working in the financial newsletter industry. Thank you John and Jami for providing this valuable service. I can’t wait until the next event.”

David Dittman

COO, Financial Media Corp

There’s no other venue where you can meet this many high-level financial marketers, publishers, affiliates,
copywriters, entrepreneurs, media buyers, traffic providers, and the entire financial direct response marketing ecosystem.

You get networking opportunities that surround you with million-dollar opportunities:


You get the Speed Networking Session to guarantee you meet every critical contact in the room.


You get the Welcome Night Networking Happy Hour


You get the Financial Affiliates’ Roundtable where you get to share your affiliate program with many of top affiliate marketers in the industry.


You get the Dealmaker Matchmaking Session where you can share your joint venture opportunity, request for deals, contacts, or whatever you like with the entire room


You’ll get the updated Financial Email Swap Directory with dozens of publishers who controls over 5 million email address total and are looking to cross promote.


You’ll have a blast on the Copywriter’s Crawl through Universal’s City walk.


You’ll get pre-event introductions and networking matchmaking.

And you’ll get more networking and business development done in two-days than you could do in a year outside the Summit.

Register now and we will see you in June!

Jami Stout & John Newtson

Join us at the

Orlando World Center Marriott

8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821, US

the financial marketing summit

Come connect with the top professionals in our industry, share insights, see what’s working (and what’s not), discover new traffic sources, conversion strategies, and more. We bring together financial publishers, trader educators, marketers, financial media companies, ad networks, bloggers, brokers, agencies, and entrepreneurs focused on selling to investors and traders. If you are a financial marketer, executive, or entrepreneur, then the Financial Marketing Summit could be the most valuable two days of your year.




Orlando World Center Marriott is ideally situated in the heart of Orlando, FL. If you’re traveling downtown from Orlando International Airport, exit towards Kissimmee on HWY 417 South. Take 417 South to Exit 6 (S.R. 536) and continue straight through the light—our resort is located on the left side.


Orlando World Center Marriott

8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821, US
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