The Financial Marketing Summit 2025

January 23rd-24th, 2025

Jacksonville, Florida

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The #1 place to do business across Financial Publishing & trader education

Meet hundreds of contacts in financial publishing, trader education, and financial media

One of the guiding principles of FMS is to curate the audience so anyone in the industry can actually do business with 9 out 10 people they meet.

New affiliates, traffic partners, veteran financial copywriters, publishing partners, financial media buyers, trading course creators – everyone who comes to FMS is in the industry and is here to do business with other people in the industry.

FinPub's top minds & marketers sharing what's working now

FMS is the biggest community & platform where financial publishers, marketers, and trader educators come together to share what’s working to build their businesses now.

"I'm ready to buy $1 million worth of media per month... if we can do a deal right now."

They were sitting at the bar after the day’s presentations were over. He sold financial traffic. She bought traffic to sell investment newsletters. They were cutting a deal with the potential to transform both their businesses in the next 12-months. And it was just the first day of the Financial Marketing Summit. 

“I just wanted to thank you because just one of the introductions you made for me last year made me an extra $500,000.”

Another publisher pulled me aside to tell me, “I just wanted to thank you because just one of the introductions you made for me last year made me an extra $500,000.” Not twenty minutes later someone else came up to thank me for hosting the Summit because, “Every time I come to the Financial Marketing Summit my life changes for the better.”

"Fantastic!" -Megan Grier

“I’ve been coming to conferences in the financial industry for 20-years… what I love about FMS is they built this situation that you can do business with as soon as you walk out the door.” – Jeanette Simms

“All of our customers and publishers are here.” – Tim Bourquin, founder After Offers

"I do more biz dev in 2-days at FMS than I do all year."

That’s the most common statement we get about FMS. It’s always some version of “I do more business deals in these two days than the rest of the year.” 

"The relationships I made here were a total game changer for me and changed my life." -Andrew Keene


Join us Jan 23-24th, 2025. Early bird registration is open - save $800 off the full price ticket when you register today!

Nearly a decade of rave reviews from across the financial publishing industry

"These gentlemen think on a whooole 'nuther level."

"one of the best literally cannot go to this, and not walk way with at least one deal."

"... the smartest minds..."

"Crazy amazing event..."

We put helping you build new business relationships front & center

John Newtson, co-founder, The Financial Marketing Summit

First time coming to FMS?

I'll be happy to introduce you around.

And make sure to tell me what kind of people you'd like to meet or deals you're hoping to make.

My name is John Newtson and I’ve been hosting FMS for almost a decade now.

It’s important to me that everyone who comes to FMS gets plugged into all the people they could possibly want to do business with

That’s why when I’m not on stage I’m in the back of the room or in the financial media hall talking to everyone and helping them connect.

I will probably introduce myself, but if I miss you, please find me! I’d love to find out who you want to connect with, what information or opportunities can most help your business, and I will do my best to connect you around the community in the room.

I’ve also worked with all of our sponsors to make sures you have multiple networking opportunities that make introducing yourself to new people easier. 

Welcome Night Cocktail Party

We start the networking and catch up with old friends and colleagues the night before the event. That way you’re networking is productive from the time your settled into your room at One Ocean Resort & Spa.



Hosted by

Speed Networking!

Guarantees you meet everyone you could want to do business with.

Hosted by

Networking & cocktail hour

Hosted by

Networking breakfast each day

We kick off each morning with a networking breakfast. You’ll find the FMS community is super-friendly and deal oriented. Everyone is interested in what kind of business you can do together – and are willing to introduce you to people you should know.

Hosted by

"This is a must attend event for anyone in the financial publishing industry."

“In addition to this the room is packed with business owners and other very accomplished people. I met over 20 people i will be either buying media from, selling media to and possibly partnering with on future deals.“I’ve never been to anything like this before – where the top people in the industry who are spending millions to test various techniques and strategies reveal exactly what works and what doesn’t. This is a must attend event for anyone in the financial publishing industry.”
James Stafford, Founder

Register now & get early bird discounts

Get $800 OFF the full price registration

Some of our past speakers

A "who's Who" of the industry

FMS is where the top founders, marketers, & copywriters across financial publishing & trader education come to learn, connect, and grow their businesses

Morgan Busby, CEO Financial Media Corp
Aaron Dehoog, Publisher Banyan Hill Publishing
Porter Stansberry, founder of MarketWise
Eric Johnson, co-founder at LeadMark
Jarrod Glandt, President, Cardone Enterprises
Marin Svorinic, Marketing Director, Katusa Research

"Crazy amazing event!" - Itay Bengal

Register today & get early bird discounts

Get $800 OFF the full price registration
James Altucher, Founder at Choose Yourself Media
Tim Sykes, trader educator, founder
Ian Rosen, Tifin
Rebecca Kacaba, CEO & Co-Founder, Dealmaker.Tech
Angel Suarez, A-List Financial Copywriter
Bret Holmes, Finpub legend.
Megan Grier, Interactive offers
Mike Ward, publisher & founder Money Map Press
Joel Skretvedt, co-founder LeadMark
Damon Wright, Head of Advertising &e-Commerce practice at Gordon Rees
Addison Wiggin, founder Agora Financial
Charles Flagle, founder at Traffic Grid
Raoul Pal, co-founder RealVision
Jason Pell, CTO at Agora
Fernando Cruz, publisher at Legacy Research
Darlene March, President March Media Relations
Ty Hoffer, Founder & CEO, Winning.Media
Chris Daigle, business growth expert
Michael Pizzo, COO at Agora Financial
Conor Lynch, publisher & copywriter
Wes Anderson, head of media buying at Angel Publishing
Grant Frasier, founder Digitonic
Michael Hearne, founder at Uncensored Crypto & docuseries producer
Rob Hoffman, founder at Wealth365,, and


I'm bringing a colleague with me - but I'm not sure WHIch one! What do I do?

Don’t worry! You can email support to adjust attendees at any time – up to the day of the event. We’re flexible and know that things can change so you’re never locked in.

I don't know alot of people in the industry. how do I make sure I connect with people I want to do business with?

FMS is built to help you do that. First off, the FMS community is super-welcoming and you’ll likely have several offers to introduce you around starting the first night. Plus, our founder, John Newtson is constantly walking around the event, the sponsorship halls, and networking events introducing people who you should know. If you don’t see him, feel free to ask any event staff for an introduction. John will make sure you get all the connections possible while you’re at FMS.

what if I want to connect with one of the speakers?

Easy. John will connect you. Even better, FMS has a strict “no green room” policy. We don’t segregate the speakers into a secret VIP room. You’ll find most of the speakers in the audience taking notes when they are not on stage because at FMS we bring top industry pros to speak. Our audience is full of marketers and entrepreneurs who are “gurus to the gurus” at marketing conferences outside the industry. FinPub is the top echelon of digital marketing and this is where everyone comes to connect with their peers.

Can I get a refund if it turns out I can't attend?

Of course, not a problem at all. Things come up. Just email support and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

Where can I find the agenda?

We’re finalizing this and will post it & email it to attendees as soon as it’s ready. There are often last-minute changes but we try to make sure it’s up-to-date.

are meals provided?

There is a networking breakfast each full day of the event.

After nearly a decade of running this event we’ve found people prefer to break out and go to lunch in small groups with people they are doing business with. So lunches are on your own but we are happing to help you find a group to go to lunch with each day.

There are two cocktail hours – the Welcome Networking Party the night before the first day & the Networking Cocktail immediately following the program on the first day of the event.

I want to bring my entire team - how do I registrator a large group?

Awesome! We have a few companies every year bringing large groups. You can email john [at] to get info on registering your larger group.

Travel FAQ


One Ocean Resort & Spa
Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Discount Room Block Coming Soon.

WARNING: We do have room discounts available. Our room block sells out every year. We expect One Ocean Resort to sell out of rooms during the event. Book early to avoid the inconvenience of traveling to another and from a different location.

We work hard to make sure you feel at home at FMS

FMS is built on the “Greek Mother Networking” model. I was raised by a Greek mom straight from the village. When anyone came to our home she would push food on them. Her top priority was taking care of guests and making sure they got anything they wanted.

When you’re at the conference you’re at our home. And we’re going to make sure you have anything you need.

Our goal is to feed you everything you need to make 2024 one of the best years your business has every had: introductions, information, insights, new contacts, friends, and colleagues. 

You’ll find my kids working with the event with me. I live in the Washington D.C. metro area.

The average annual cost to raise a kid here is estimated to be $28,785 PER YEAR.

Or $518,130 by the time they reach 18.

And I have three. We’re looking at $1.5 million.

Is it any wonder I’m putting them to work? Last year my oldest two killed it working the registration desk at another event I held. Now they’re graduating to the big leagues – FMS – and they’re bringing their little brother along to help. 

Don’t be afraid to make them work!

But really, at any time during the event if you need something. Just ask. We got you.

Join the community for top level discussions of the financial publishing & trader eduaction industries.

"We're seeing a K-shaped recovery in FinPub right now. Let's get together and make sure we are all on the right side of that recovery."

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The Financial Marketing Summit brings together the investment newsletter & trader education industries to talk media, marketing, and business growth. It’s been the #1 conference for the financial publishing industry since 2014.

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