“The lessons we learned from winning against the FTC.”

The FTC vs. Raging Bull shook the financial publishing industry when it happened. Raging Bull won that case with the judge stating very clearly that he saw no evidence of fraud in this case. But as Jeff Bishop puts it, “This doesn’t feel like winning.” It was a painful, heartbreaking, and extraordinarily stressful process that […]

Booms, Busts, and building a stable newsletter publishing company

“Growing at 50% per year scares me more than dropping 35% in revenue for one year.” Jason Freiert has experienced both, as CEO of Angel Publishing. Since 2005 Angel Pub’s has grown very consistently 15%-17% annually. Then the Covid-FinPub Boom hit and Angel Pub grew 50% year-over-year in 2020. That lead to a hiring boom, […]

An ode to classical newsletter publishing

A conversation with Dan Steinhart, publisher at https://www.riskhedge.com/ Dan is a practitioner of what I think of as classical newsletter publishing. Publishing where the foundation of the business is the relationships between the editor & the customer. Where you create products BECAUSE the guru can deliver an edge – and has a track record proving […]