A conversation with Dan Steinhart, publisher at https://www.riskhedge.com/

Dan is a practitioner of what I think of as classical newsletter publishing.

Publishing where the foundation of the business is the relationships between the editor & the customer.

Where you create products BECAUSE the guru can deliver an edge – and has a track record proving the edge actually exists.

Publishing that doesn’t create easily sellable products where you can’t legitimately over deliver for the customer.

Dan sees putting sales before what’s good for the customer as a recipe for a host of business problems – from regulatory issues, to refund problems, to poor online reviews, and perhaps the worst it, customers who won’t continue to buy.

The reward of this classical approach to the business?

Revenue stability.

A busines that launched and quickly broke over the $10m market – and didn’t give it all back when the market got shaky and acquisition promos stalled industry-wide.

Dan is one of the more thoughtful, editorial focused publishers out there.

Our conversation ranges across the publishing model, changes in the levels of customer sophistication, problems with copywriters, and our views on Substack newsletters, and more.