How the market impacts media & conversions in financial publishing

What is the connection between what capital markets are doing and what promotions & products convert at any given time? How does the market environment impact what ideas will convert in a promo? Can macro analysis combined with search interest data help publishers, marketers, and copywriters figure out what ideas will convert NEXT? What does […]

The FTC crackdown is good for the industry.

After our conversation Aaron remembered why he had the one slide he spaced on in our recording and sent me this follow on point. It’s important so check it out: The FTC crackdown is good for the industry. Full Stop. That’s Aaron Dehoog’s view and when Aaron talks publishing I listen. He’s one of […]

$40 million raised with 2 emails

Marin pulled out his phone, “Here, look at this.” Up came a picture of a diamond the size of a baseball. “This is a $56-million diamond. It’s from a diamond exchange I’ve helped over the years. “Do you want to visit their vault? I can set up a personal tour of the exchange. They’ll let […]

Angel Suarez talks the copy process behind his $12 million day

Angel Suarez is the financial copywriter who continues to hold the single day sales record in financial publishing. $12 million in one day. He joined us at the Financial Marketing Summit in London to share his breakdown of how he writes promotional copy. Here is the full conversation.      

Mike Ward, publisher of Money Map Press, how to create blockbuster promotions

Mike Ward has built one of the largest, most profitable financial publishing companies in the world today. His company may have more $20+ million promotions than any other publisher in the industry. Why? Like many top publishers Mike is one of the top financial copywriters in the industry. In this video Mike shares his views […]