Why niche ideas drive Finpub, with Brian York CMO of The Agora Companies

Listen to the audio version of this FinPub Pro episode Timestamps 0:02Focusing on Fringe Investment Ideas 8:45Building Relationships in Marketing and Editorial 20:56 Agora’s Business Growth and Innovation 34:36Marketing Strategies and Ideation Dynamics 46:34Maximizing Customer Relationships for Future Success Episode Transcript John Newtson: 0:02 All right. Hey everyone, I’m excited today because I got Brian York here, who I think a […]

“The lessons we learned from winning against the FTC.”

The FTC vs. Raging Bull shook the financial publishing industry when it happened. Raging Bull won that case with the judge stating very clearly that he saw no evidence of fraud in this case. But as Jeff Bishop puts it, “This doesn’t feel like winning.” It was a painful, heartbreaking, and extraordinarily stressful process that […]

Bret Holmes talks email marketing and how to scale a financial subscription publishing business to over $100+ million. What does Bret know about scaling up? Let’s see. He was employee #3 at MMP and was part of the team that took it to over 225m at its peak. Over the last few years, we watched […]