Tifin is on a $100 million financial media acquisition spree

[THE TRANSCRIPT IS AT THE BOTTOM.] Cathy Wood is one of the super stars of today’s financial markets. The tag line of her ARK fund is simple: “We invest solely in disruptive innovation.” And she’s a capital partner and on the board of company, Tifin, who has already bought several financial publishers this year. And […]

A massive Dark Pool of affiliates (and FMS updates)

Jami & I have been in deep negotiations with the founder of a private equity firm for the past three months. This firm owns a variety of firms – some you definitely know, many you don’t. Hidden inside his network of companies was one the biggest untapped assets I’ve ever come across. It is one […]


It was one of the greatest deals I’d ever seen. The kind of deal that changes businesses… that changes lives. I was excited to present it to my client. They’d asked me to find them distribution deals for their product. They wanted two things – eyeballs on their content and revenue. And within weeks of asking […]