Trading Services vs Coaching Products

Join the FMS PRO Community Get exclusive content, discord server, past FMS Conference Presentations, the FinPub Training Hub, and more Check out FMS PRO… Timestamps 0:02Transitioning to High-Ticket Telesales Model 9:05Direct Response Marketing Funnel Model 15:58High-Ticket Offer Business Strategy 29:50Business Model Discussion 40:11Challenges in Financial Copywriting Industry 53:15Back-End Direct Marketing Strategies Episode Transcript John Newtson: 0:02 All right, hey everybody, today […]

Why are were there many layoffs in the industry in in 2022?

I don’t believe the sky is falling in financial publishing. The lay offs we have seen in the industry over the last six months of 2022 have different causes. The 5 causes I explain in this video are:  The post covid hiring boom  The stock market malaise and its impact on conversion rates (for a […]

Bret Holmes talks email marketing and how to scale a financial subscription publishing business to over $100+ million. What does Bret know about scaling up? Let’s see. He was employee #3 at MMP and was part of the team that took it to over 225m at its peak. Over the last few years, we watched […]

FTC on the War Path: What publishers & marketers need to know.

The FTC just posted a list of 1,100 business they put on notice they: “could incur significant civil penalties—up to $43,792 per violation—if they or their representatives make claims about money-making opportunities that run counter to prior FTC administrative cases.” And quite a few companies in our industry are on the list. Up to $43k […]

War Time CEOs & marketers needed

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the economy like a freight train. And you and I are about to see the impacts of that here in the financial publishing and media industries. I’ve been on calls all week and see two different mentalities – “I’m going to wait and see how things shake out.” vs “I’m […]