Jason Raznick launched https://www.benzinga.com/ with $3,000, an idea about how to deliver a valuable information product to investors, and a lot of anxiety.

Fast forward through all the years of stress, hard work, second-guessing, big wins and losses.

He recently sold a majority stake in Benzinga to Beringer Capital at $300 million valuation.

One of the things I love about what Jason has built is that he is not simply copying other peoples’ business and marketing models.

He built a unique and valuable business by creating something he believed served his audience better than other approaches.

While he started with essentially a paid subscription newsletter he also added investor conferences and a data business.

I wanted to get his take on the business and the industry specifically because he took a different approach to building his business than many pure publishers.

Check out Benzinga.com and see what a great business he’s built.