Due to the changing situation with the Corona virus Jami & I have decided to postpone FMS after all.

We’re working with our venue to determine the best dates to host FMS later this year.

Obviously we want to see how this situation unfolds before determining the new date.

We’re trying to balance our responsibility as citizens with our responsibilities to all of you who rely on FMS to generate new business opportunities.

We know many of you were counting on the event but we all have a responsibility to each other right now to do what we can to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Here is a really good explanation of why we felt the need to postpone the event.

But we also have a responsibility to all of our friends and colleges in the industry who rely on FMS to grow their businesses.

To that end we’re working on a comprehensive plan while we set up new FMS dates later this year.

We’re going to create a virtual FMS for you PLUS all registrants will get the the make up FMS date later this year.

Here’s what we are doing to make sure everyone can still get a lot of business done in the short term.

1. If you’ve registered for FMS, then you’ll automatically be registered for the FMS make up event. We’ll announce the new dates ASAP. If you can’t make those when we announce them just let us know.

2. Morgan Busby from Financial Media Corp has been a major supporter of FMS and the industry since we started the event. He’s at it again and is offering all registered attendees a traffic credit in the amount of your FMS Ticket toward email buys.

3. We’re reaching out to our speakers to setup VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS to send out in the next few weeks to everyone who registered.

4. If you have an urgent business or networking need please reach out to me at this email address and we will work to sort it out ASAP for you.

5. We’re going to set up some VIRTUAL NETWORKING SESSIONS for all attendees. These will be small group Zoom meetings. I’ll get the details out to you ASAP.

6. We’ll be hosting a VIRTUAL EMERGENCY ROUND TABLE for attendees focused on how major market corrections affect the financial publishing & media industry.

A lot of leaders in our industry today were not in the business in 2008. They don’t know how a major market correction changes the landscape of this industry.

I’m gathering a group of top players from across the industry who lived through the aftermath of 2008 to share insights into how to survive a major market correction – and how to thrive.

Jami & I really don’t want to let any of you down on the business side of things.

We’re delaying the event but as you can see, we’re working hard to make sure you can still get as much business done as possible.


John & Jami