How do you win as a financial publisher or trader educator in this regulatory environment?

That’s the conversation I had with Bret Holmes, who is one of the business builders in the industry I respect the most.

Bret has been part of many of the largest success stories in financial publishing over the last decade.

He was employee #3 at Money Map Press, which grew dramatically to north of $200 million in revenue during his tenure.

He’s also dealt with clients who’ve gone through FTC cases.

Our conversation covers a broad swath of issues across financial publishing including:

  • A refund process checklist pretty much guaranteed to bring you regulatory pain.
  • Why the FTC regulatory stance is NOT a business killer. If you think it is, then you’re missing the bigger picture.
  • Product as Promo: Bret’s obsessed with a new promotional format concept. It moves away from hard sell. Builds community. And is tantalizingly close to exploding.
  • Which customer segment is healthier – traders or investors? Bret’s view surprised me.
  • Dangerous product formats: Think email & text trade alerts are a great “product”? Think again. The #1 complaint customers have about all trading services (and why the way many pubs handle their track records are setting themselves up to be labeled fraudulent by regulators).
  • Why live formats create happier customers. The power of live trading rooms as a product format (And it’s impact on refund rates). Plus, what to do if your trader can’t – or won’t trade live.
  • The changing customer demographics and with it our marketing channels changing.
  • The critical importance of managing your BBB rating. Hidden regulatory risks in your backend refund process. (If you’ve ever broken your own refund rules for an irate customer then pay close attention to this.)

And a lot more.