Porter Stansberry shares the story of how he founded Stansberry Research with a laptop and 36k of financing from Bill Bonner.

To their eventual 3 billion USD IPO under the brand MarketWise.

This is the first of two conversations Porter is having for all of us.

Porter will also be speaking at The Financial Marketing Summit (which is only about 45-days away at the Orlando World Center Marriott!)

At FMS Porter is going to lay out the 8 major things he did to increase his customer Lifetime Value – which he built to around triple any other major publisher’s LTV.

In other words, at FMS he’ll be talking about what set him apart as publisher.

But while we were talking, I realized I had a ton of questions about what he did differently as an entrepreneur.

Going from 36k to 3 billion WITHOUT raising venture capital isn’t something that happens every day.

So, check out this conversation where we talk about the business decisions, he felt really made the difference in building his company.

John Newtson