A conversation with Jason Raznick, founder of Benzinga.com

Jason Raznick launched https://www.benzinga.com/ with $3,000, an idea about how to deliver a valuable information product to investors, and a lot of anxiety. Fast forward through all the years of stress, hard work, second-guessing, big wins and losses. He recently sold a majority stake in Benzinga to Beringer Capital at $300 million valuation. One of […]

How the market impacts media & conversions in financial publishing

What is the connection between what capital markets are doing and what promotions & products convert at any given time? How does the market environment impact what ideas will convert in a promo? Can macro analysis combined with search interest data help publishers, marketers, and copywriters figure out what ideas will convert NEXT? What does […]

Addison Wiggin, founder of Agora Financial & why your ideas matter.

Addison founded the Agora Financial group and was Executive Publisher for 17-years. One of the things I love about Addison is he has the increasingly rare quality of actually believing in the ideas he writes about and publishes. I see Addison as one of the few intellectuals in financial publishing. One thing many marketers & […]

The FTC crackdown is good for the industry.

After our conversation Aaron remembered why he had the one slide he spaced on in our recording and sent me this follow on point. It’s important so check it out: https://youtu.be/JjH-BeOiGKA The FTC crackdown is good for the industry. Full Stop. That’s Aaron Dehoog’s view and when Aaron talks publishing I listen. He’s one of […]

Bret Holmes talks email marketing and how to scale a financial subscription publishing business to over $100+ million. What does Bret know about scaling up? Let’s see. He was employee #3 at MMP and was part of the team that took it to over 225m at its peak. Over the last few years, we watched […]

“I’m hosting a dinner in New York next week with Steve Cohen.”

The guru is at the heart of his or her publishing franchise. His credibility. His experience. His investment ideas -these are the nuts and bolts from which your products and promotions are built. One persistent trend in the industry is the upgrading of gurus. Years ago it was normal for newsletter gurus to have had […]