There are a lot of things I love about Dr. Martin Weiss.

If I had to rank them though I’d place his strong belief that his role as a financial publisher is to make the independent investor’s life better.

Martin is one of the greatest advocates for both individual retail investor & the financial publishing industry for the 50-years his been in business.

Weiss Ratings today is the only purely independent ratings agency in existence. The US Government Accountability Office reported that the Weiss insurance company ratings outperformed those of his closest competitors by a factor of three-to-one.

It’s no wonder Forbes called him “Mr. Independence.”

Martin also founded the Financial Publisher Association to give the industry a unified voice and to create a channel for all of us to discuss and share best practices.

In this video, I speak with Martin about some of the changes he is seeing in the financial publishing industry.

If you’re in the financial publishing industry I highly recommend you listen to our conversation, recorded as a bonus session to FMS 2021.