Beacon Street Group announces $3 billion SPAC merger to go public

Big news in the financial publishing industry this past week. Beacon Street Group, the parent company of industry giants Stansberry Research and Legacy Research (among others) announced it is going public with a $3 billion SPAC merger with Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp. Why is a “newsletter” publisher able to do a $3 billion SPAC? For […]

A massive Dark Pool of affiliates (and FMS updates)

Jami & I have been in deep negotiations with the founder of a private equity firm for the past three months. This firm owns a variety of firms – some you definitely know, many you don’t. Hidden inside his network of companies was one the biggest untapped assets I’ve ever come across. It is one […]

FMS postponed due to Corona Virus – here’s what you should know

Due to the changing situation with the Corona virus Jami & I have decided to postpone FMS after all. We’re working with our venue to determine the best dates to host FMS later this year. Obviously we want to see how this situation unfolds before determining the new date. We’re trying to balance our responsibility […]